Who should provide SEO to my site? the web designer or the SEO company?

With the cost of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) still being high and the increasing number of companies offering SEO in so many different ways it is very confusing for business owners to decide who they should buy their SEO from and often the question is should I buy from my web design company, those people already familiar with my site and I have my services with them or should I buy my SEO from a more official SEO company that specializes in SEO?

Although it may seem that I am guiding the readers to choose the SEO company, after so many years in the business my answer is not all that simple and please allow me to explain the difficulty.

Up until this year, 2012, I would 100% suggest that SEO will be exclusively provided by the SEO companies who specializes in SEO and not web design companies. However came 2012 and Google seem to have targeted the work of the SEO companies, some say it is in order to encourage businesses to switch from organic to paid with Pay Per Click AdWords and some say it is because SEO providers have been spamming the Internet with cheap links and spam content for so long that Google is really trying to put an end to it and clean up the Internet.

I believe it is mostly the first one but likely also the second turning the market up side down. In fact from researching dozens of sites here are some of my conclusions:

1. If your site was ranking high and you are very active in PPC, you are not likely to be effected by the recent changes to Google’s algorithm.

2. If your site was ranking high and you had lots of traffic but had higher than normal cheap/bad links you may experience drop in traffic around April 24,  2012.

3. If your site went flat around April 24, 2012 and lost a lot of traffic and keywords, check your content, it is more likely that your content is simply copied from other sites (not original) and you may have penalties.

Having said all of that, many sites that used various methods to rank high and benefit from traffic, yet have original content and average number of links are still ranking well and not likely much effected.

Therefore I am concluding that this year the best strategy for SEO is one that mainly deals with the content on your site after getting your anchor keywords indexed and your site registered in just enough directories and search engines. Article posting on high page rank (PR) sites of PR4 and higher is a good strategy as well as using high traffic generators like Kijiji, Craigs List, You Tube, eBay, and even coupon sites. This can be provided is the same fashion by your web designer or SEO company as long as they have the experience and their knowledge is updated.

Brian Miller.