What you need to know when you are building a new business website (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)

More and more Canadian business owners are looking into the Internet and search engines for a more cost effective way to generate new business and take on new opportunities. The Internet has for years now been very accommodating for all sizes of businesses when they properly position their offering online and that brings us to the topic of this article – how to position your business correctly on the Internet and for search engines.

1. Define your immediate and most likely audiences – who are they, where are they, when do they search, what do they search for, what motivates them to convert, is it price, rating, reviews, proximity?

2. Position your services or products – which main services/products generate most of your income? focus your efforts on what you know brings the customers not those that you wish to educate the market about with the second being a branding effort not leads generation.

3. Be local – don’t try to take over the world, 50% of all searches are local searches therefore you need to identify local opportunities and target them prior to looking at locations outside of your immediate reach.

4. Motivate – since the Internet is not face to face, you need to think of your web site as if it is your best trained sales person, for that you need to give the web site tools to convert the traffic coming from search. What motivates your audiences searching for your services and products to go on your site and convert?

5. Capture leads – your prospects are now on your site, make it easy for them to convert, place your phone number in large text font on the top right corner of your site and make sure to have a lead or contact form placed high enough on your page for people to see and use. Don’t use long forms, make it simple and please…..don’t use complicated captcha, it is annoying and people just don’t want to guess what is hidden in that messy image presented to them as part of a quiz to test their eye sight and patience all at the same time.

There are many web designers who can build a beautiful site for your business but you need to be aware of the fact that often enough the very simple ones would load faster, look cleaner and get your message faster in front of the prospect. Your new site needs to use lighter colours in lead generation and consider having all the components of a sales conversation embedded on the site including good quality content, key selling points, image of your product or service, specs and features, prices are always a benefit for conversion, testimonials, logos and certification and your location as well as what is the geography you serve.

If you are looking for a FREE no obligation analysis of your site, please do contact us and we will gladly go over your site and provide you with our comments how to improve your site ability to bring new customers from search engines to your business.

Yours truly,  Brian Miller (Vancouver)

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