Website visitors spend only 3sec on your page – convert them fast!

Catherine Davies (AWDCA, Vancouver) – about the search behavior of people from Google to converting on your website.

Research tells about the behavior of web browsers while looking at the website.  It says that the visitors spend average three to seven seconds on a webpage. It is definitely quite a short duration to impress the reader about the quality and content.

catherine-daviesThink about your own experience while browsing the internet. Does a website attract you with the below-mentioned characteristics?

a)      The first page is overloaded with graphics and irritating animation.

b)      Hundreds of links pointing to different directions in haphazard way.

c)       Too many banners with meaningless information.

Nobody would be attracted to such poorly designed website. According to web designing experts the first page of the website has to be enough eye-catching. The visitor will wait and see what is there on the website only when he sticks to the webpage. Therefore, web marketers always focus on the first page (headline) of the webpage and make it attractive as much as possible.

What is a headline?

We are familiar with the print media. Headlines are greatly important in a newspaper or cover story in a magazine. We never go through each line of the newspaper or magazine. That is the reason print media always display spicy and striking headlines. Therefore writers put extensive efforts in writing catchy headlines.

Website is nothing but a way to market the product or services. It is the face of your organization on the Internet. Hence, make the first page as attractive as possible so that visitors stick to it and spend some time. The more time the customers spend on the headline, possibility of getting business increases. Sometimes web designers make the headline in unattractive fonts and colors. Sometimes the designers do not put headlines at all. This is inappropriate from good web designing perspective.

The visitor will make the decision about staying or leaving the webpage in the first few seconds. Therefore, it should be compelling, assertive and focused. Communicate the paramount benefit in a compact power-packed sentence.

Writing good headlines

Print media is the right source to understand how to write perfect headlines? Always put a headline that readers find interesting and useful. “We dot fix plumbing problems, we solve them permanently” is the right headline and not “Contact for all plumbing needs”.

Writing headline as “Who can resolve plumbing problems better than us?” is also effective. It is quite sticky and the users tend to spend a few seconds reading it. It is guaranteed that the reader will go through the entire page, if he stops at the headline for a moment.

The next important thing is the first paragraph. It should carry forward the theme and influence in the right manner. Explain the uncommon benefits of your services concerning the headline. Why customers should select you and not any other service provider?

If the readers are convinced with the headline and the first paragraph, then you have converted a casual browser into a loyal customer. Ask a professional copywriter to write a catchy and attractive headline. Watch the internet marketing revenues touching the roof!