Web Design Packages

Affordable Web Design Canada (AWD) offers 4 of the most powerful and affordable web design packages for businesses who want to bring their products and services in front of their local customers. All our web design packages include industry research which will result in us presenting to you the potential of your local market and what are they looking for when searching on Google. The site will target those specific search phrases used by your local prospect and will be optimized to rank for them. This is the key to a successful website that will over time be able to capture business from search.

Can’t wait? we offer affordable search engines optimization (SEO) packages to get your site found for the search phrases you have been targeting in your business plan. Our SEO packages are the most affordable in Canada, yet very professional when you target local markets for example Vancouver.

Affordable Local SEO Plans


Having a good website to support the sales efforts of your business and show the work, products or services you offer is obviously important, however getting the site found for very relevant local searches is what drives new business to you.

We provide you with monthly performance reports and two of our SEO plans comes with ranking guarantees!

With no contracts and very affordable monthly SEO plans, you can safely boost your business organic positions with AWD. Let’s chat!

SEO BASIC FOR NEW WEBSITES (10 keywords / $99 per month)

SEO Basic helps new websites organically rank for less competitive keywords used by local prospects in the same area as where your new website is placed online. For example, if your new website is showing that your services are provided in Vancouver, the SEO Basic plan will rank your new site in Vancouver and in proximity to your physical location if applicable. For many small business owners who are looking to offer their services and product in proximity to their physical location this plan can be idea and with a “No Contract” monthly price of only $99 you can’t go wrong. 10 keywords capacity.

SEO SILVER FOR LOCAL SEARCH (20 keywords / $159 per month)

SEO Silver can still be used by new website owners yet it is specifically designed for businesses who already have a working website and may only need SEO from AWD or had their site redesigned. SEO Silver helps rank your existing site in your local market faster and many times before your competition. The main difference between the Basic and the Silver packages is the amount of work delivered to your site every month which supports 20 keywords. No contract to sign and a low $159 / month and a minimum of 7 keywords guaranteed to rank within the first 4 month of service or you are given 3 FREE month of SEO from AWD!


SEO Gold is our more powerful SEO package used in a more competitive local market. If you already have a website with a domain age of 3 years or more, the SEO Gold package is perfect for you. Not only that we offer 35 relevant keywords but we top that with our performance guarantee to rank no less than 10 keywords within the first 4 month of the service or you will be provided from us FREE 3 month of SEO. See how your traffic increases with local people who are searching for products and services that your business is offering, and if you had your site done or redesigned by AWD, you can also expect increase in your sales. This is a value proposition for the growing local business.


Business owners, home business, small business, medium business and large businesses all need a constant stream of new sales in order to keep the business running and growing. With many years of experience in generating business from the Internet and working with search engine marketing firms, we have created our packages for affordable web design for lead capture with you, the business owner, in mind.

The sites we are developing target specific known search volumes in your local market, what is that? these are people that search on search engines like Google for services or even products that you may be offering. The key is to attract those volumes with a proposal that will motivate them to go on your site and contact you.

How long does it take? our work is designed to organically perform within 3-6 month, search engines prefer and prioritize authority sites which is why it takes longer for our lead capture sites without SEO to perform. However you have choices available for you to get immediate traffic on those sites and generate business, for example you can use PPC AdWords, SEO or any other form of advertising. We can recommend to you what will perform well for your specific industry, just ask.

So, if you are at that point that you need new customers for your business, it can be very affordable to take the first step in capturing leads from the Internet. Contact Affordable Web Design Canada today and let us know about your business, what makes it special, what success did you have in the past and which best offer can motivate people to respond to your marketing. The rest leave to us, this is all we do and we do this great!


Guaranteed Google Results! or it is FREE.

If you are running an active Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords campaign with Google for a site that is 3 month or older and you would like to rank for relevant search phrases also organically with Search Engines Optimization (SEO). We have a special offer for you!

Your search phrases need to be localized to the city where your primary office is located at according to Google Maps. If you qualify, we will guarantee the ranking of 10 keywords out of 20 within 3 month or you do not pay us. There is a one time charge of $99 for optimizing your site, your PPC campaign, your citations and research of keywords.

Restrictions apply. Vendor will decide which sites are eligible for the offer.


 ”I was looking for someone to build my website for a new home business I just recently started and called on a few agencies in Calgary, but the cost of building the web site was just too high for me at that time also it seemed to me like there was no solution for getting people on my site. I was referred to AWD by a friend who purchased a site package from Brian Miller from AWD a year before and his business is now entirely based on the leads coming through his site and decided to give them a try. I would like to express my appreciation to Brian and the team for helping me understand how to capture leads from the Internet and for making my business successful. Thank you guys, you rock!”.

Leah Goldenberg, Calgary


“Elizabeth asked that I provide a testimonial about the success I had with AWD, I already said I am really not good at this, but feel free to quote me saying that there are no words to describe how I feel today that my business is enjoying a steady growth and healthy margins from the work you have provided me and the great advice, I was about to give up and AWD was my last option.”

Mark Bennett, Vancouver