How to use guest blogging for SEO

Guest blogs for links - good or bad for Google?

Guest blogs for links – good or bad for Google?

If you are having your site organically optimized, you are likely receiving as part of the SEO “guest blogs”. Guest blogs are used to create quality links from mostly industry relevant, authority sites with known levels of traffic. In most cases your SEO company will directly or indirectly contact the site owner after researching and comparing sites relevant to your industry and ask to post on their blog with a link back to your site.

The site owner has the ability to influence the content writer, how many words, pictures, even the topic in order to get his consent to publish on his site blog. This is now a very common practice of SEO companies and therefore a concern – will Google consider guest blogging as paid links and bring penalties to my site?

If you remember just over a year ago, SEO companies used to create profile links on high PR sites, those links used to work well to support your SEO rankings, some time later sites received on their Web Master Tools warnings about those links being unnatural with possible penalties to the site, so it is therefore logical to ask if Google intends to make guest blogging wrong sometime in the future?

Mat Cutts from the spam department at Google explains this concept in this video and how Google sees guest blogging as far as what they consider acceptable and what not.

One of the key points in Cutts video is that a spam guest blog is likely to not match the topic of the blog and likely to include anchor keywords and links. Instead Google will accept experts that comment and talk about the blog topic with high relevance.