Understanding what your audience want is vital to the success of your business

We had an internal meeting today when Elizabeth came back from her flight to San Francisco to meet a new and very interesting account that was explaining to Elizabeth how frustrated they are to understand that during the many years of having suppliers of SEO and PPC never did the question “who really are your prospects” and “what are your prospects looking for right now?” brought up.

finding online customersMoreover said Elizabeth to our team, after 30 years in the business the owner and top management said they are not sure they really know all that much about their immediate audience as far as what they are looking for online, what motivates them to contact a company, how they compare, how many of them are online searching at any given time, search patterns and behavior.

This is a top priority to us now, said the owner of the company, we want to be hands on the business but we now understand the disconnect and can clearly say that it is more than likely the reason our business lost revenues the last 5 years. It used to be enough to position the business strategically at a high traffic location, and by that I obviously mean street…now it seems I need to position my business strategically among the industry leaders in order to be visible for my audience.

It was amazing to see how well the management of a 30 years old business implement all those changes Elizabeth presented them with, they clearly made the effort because they recognized the value.

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