This is how you should optimize your site content for search engines

catherine davies affordable web design canadaContent is the king! nothing else matters anymore…I hear this every day from customers…we have read on Google, blogs…my neighbor told me…so I am finding myself repeating same question over and over again…why are we talking about your SEO and paid strategy, get some content on your site and you are all done….

Weird silence…well Catherine, what are you saying? is content not the king? is my neighbor wrong? what about the many articles I have read on Google saying that the new Google algorithm is all about content, quality content?

I told myself one day I will take the time to explain this in writing and refer people who tell me content is the king to the post, so today is that day.

Content is important, in fact it was always important and for so many reasons, for example website without content is like a product manual without instructions or better yet a great street sign without a message. We need content to deliver a message, motivate and influence, but content by itself is not going to bring us any closed to sales automation…unfortunately.

A great campaign starts with a good site that is clear, easy to navigate, simple to read and understand, and provides the exact content your target audience wants or needs to read. Your site content should be created by people, for people and not SEO specialists, your customers don’t want to read 10 repetitions of a keyword and as of last year so do Google. It is about providing a great customer experience, starting by engaging the audience through content and providing them with the solutions they seek.

Having said that, a great campaign targets very relevant search phrases that matches the content on your site, so in other words, match your site content and real life services and solutions to the keywords and not the opposite.

Next you still need to make sure your site is visible to search engines, and that you can achieve by tools of SEO or paid advertising. SEO today like before is still heavily dependent on link building, the difference is that today, the site from which you choose to link need to have certain qualities that Google considers trust worthy.

Other types of content to consider on your site includes PDF files containing useful information, videos, catalogs and spread sheets.

My name is Catherine Davies and I will be happy to answer your questions about content in the age of Penguin.