This is the best Intyernet marketing program in Canada

What makes lead generation the best and most affordable Internet marketing program in Canada is the fact it is mostly dependent on the organic search and with time less and less on paid search. But that is not all, when comparing the many options available out there for small and medium size businesses it becomes clear that alternatives such like placing an ad in a newspaper cost more and produces a small amount of leads compared to investing in Internet marketing.

Many people who tried SEO to their site reported that they had various levels of success and that their experience with SEO was less than perfect, we agree it has to do with so many elements like changes to search engines and mostly Google who still is the most dominant search engine today, as well as the quality of the SEO service that was provided and the quality and age of your own existing site.

At Affordable Web Design Canada we believe that the process should be done before you even consider doing the SEO, we build niche sites and invest the marketing and when the sites start generating leads that is when we offer them back to the market to own or to lease.

Is this going to be the best alternative to search engine optimization (SEO), not really because still many businesses need and want to promote their own existing sites, but now we are also giving them the option to add to their arsenal of Web presence a new asset – Internet web site that is self generating leads in their specific niche of the market.

Elizabeth Page is well recognized for promoting the subject of self generating leads local sites for over 7 years and has lectured about the methodology and benefits in front of many groups of interest online and in Internet related conferences and a number of work shops in Canada. Teamed with Catherine Davies and Brian Miller, two highly experienced web designers, Affordable Web Design Canada is strongly positioned to deliver quality, professional and affordable self generating leads sites to small and medium size businesses all over Canada.

“There is one thing we all need to remember, customers are always in the market to buy services and when well researched, these can be your services those customers are looking for, but can they really find you?” – Elizabeth Page, Vancouver marketing conference, June 2010.

Affordable Web Design Canada is a Vancouver based Internet web design provider.