Does PPC help organic positions and SEO of web sites in Canada?

This is a question I am often presented in the webinars and workshops I have delivered over the last few years, clearly this is on the minds of small and medium size businesses. The Internet is obviously a great opportunity for smaller businesses to compete and win business more effectively and for a much more affordable budget, but the question remains the same, what strategy should a small or medium size business go after?

For service oriented businesses the best option till April 24th, 2012 when Google released their Penguin update, was Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but since April 24th, my answer is to invest a good amount on Pay Per Click (PPC) as well. Well, big smiles on the faces of people at the workshops – are you saying that Google seems to be linking between the amount of budget spent on advertising with them and the organic positions of the site?

This is an interesting question, there are many opinions, here are a few:

1. Google prioritizes sites that spend money on PPC.

2. Google does not improve organic positions when you also invest in PPC.

3. Google boosts the SEO efforts when also investing in PPC.

4. Organic positions are not related to investment in PPC.

So what is true? do they link the two or not? my own experience with different sites that we have worked on is that there could be a link between the two. That link can also be explained like this – by paying for keywords, you are indicating to Google the relevance of those keywords and combined with quality score Google can faster accept the indexing of those keywords and likely assume your site is relevant and live and therefore push your rankings up.

Well, well, well…no, I don’t know that for a fact, but it does make sense and it is reflected in work we have done, but there is no way to say if this theory is correct or not, for now we all need to decide what works best for us, so why is it now almost impossible for a business to not use PPC as part of their campaign? that can be a completely new topic for my next article which will explain how we generate the leads from traffic coming from both PPC and SEO, and we will also include a new source of relevant traffic – affiliates and affiliate campaigns.

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