Small business can win the local competition

web designers in vancouver bcOur Canadian economy is always changing, more small business owners are coming to the market everyday. The oil situation in Alberta is one of many examples for an industry slowing down while sending many talented people to start their own small businesses.

We all want to win the big game, get on top of the competition, grow our business fast, make lots of money, but the reality of new businesses is not so positive and one of many reasons is experience.

We often come across a business owner asking for a price quote to build a new website and rank for keywords like “web design Vancouver” that are very competitive and not realistic unless your budget is unlimited. In fact this search phrase in Vancouver has over 24 million pages competing for those 10 positions, and since the search suggests businesses in Vancouver, the results include map and map listings further reducing the number of search results on the first page.

web design vancouver

Our message here is find out where the opportunity is and don’t just assume you know it. This example for web design in Vancouver is obviously so competitive that a new business should not try and target on day one, instead a new business in Vancouver should look for niche opportunities with sufficient volumes of demand but much lower competition. As a guideline we recommend competition to be below 1 million results and plan for 6-8 month of ongoing marketing.

So let’s use an example: instead of the web design in Vancouver (24 million results), one may search for website designers in Vancouver (1.1 million results) or┬áresponsive website designers in Vancouver (700,000 results) etc.

The same rules can be applied to any industry.

Once you have correctly set your target audiences and search volumes, preferably localized, it is time to look at your site ability to convert the traffic to leads. Not sure? contact us today and let’s discuss an overall strategy and budget that you are comfortable with and yet effective for your business.