Is SEO Really Dead? Will Google Penalize SEO in 2014?

Really? SEO is dead? says who? well, you know how it works with Google, they start with soft messages talking about organic work done by SEO companies and that if used in larger scale it may bring penalties to sites and shortly after…boom…no traffic…your site is now black listed…

google seo is deadYes, it is to be concluded that other than the very basic essentials of promoting your business online, anything else you may be doing can and likely will one day work against you.

Recently in a video blog, Matt Cutts from Google shared new information about Guest Blogging, this is a very important and expensive part of the updated SEO campaigns and known to well increase your SERP’s.

In September 23 Google made more changes to their search algorithm removing the ability to get keyword data for users visiting a website from Google search.

Another example is that Google did not update the Page Rank (PR) which they used to do every 3 month or so since February 2013.

That and so many other signals lead to the conclusion that any organic work designed to fool Google today will become penalty tomorrow, instead Google is encouraging the use of FAQ style writing to comply with Hummingbird, the use of Google+ social media and authorship through publishing quality content on platforms such like Google’s Blogger or YouTube.

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