Pay Per Click .vs. Content Networks – which is the better option for Canadian businesses in Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa?

For years it may have seem like the only option for paid advertising was the Google Pay Per Click and many businesses in Canada gradually increased their spending every year towards paid advertisement on Google.

The problem many small and medium size Canadian businesses are facing is that the cost per click as increased from under a dollar to a few dollars per click and with conversions being mostly less than 5% and even less than 3% this cst can really challenge Canadian businesses.

SEO is therefore a better long term strategy, but same challenge, over the years the cost of SEO went up to hundrds of dollars making it more accessible but still expensive.

Today we are suggesting a combination of paid advertising with organic SEO as the best rewarding marketing strategy for Canadian businesses and that includes with some variation a 10-40 keywords SEO plan combined with Pay Per Click and content networks with a split of 70:30 and the higher to be invested in content networks where the cost per click is still under a dollar for most sites.

This budget will deliver up to 10 times more impressions and much better results specifically if combined with remarketing with Google.

For more information about how to balance your own budget please fill out our contact form and we will gladly evaluate your budget for online marketing with you. Limited to Canadian businesses in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal.