Lead capture web design in Canada

Small businesses, medium businesses, people working in offices or people who work at a home office, they all share the same idea that it is impossible to seat and look at the screen as the leads are coming in…

In theory, this can be done easily, just create a really good product or service and upload it online and the many millions of people who will search and find your offering will likely respond and buy from you, right? Well not really.

So what went wrong? Many things, we did not get the message out there, or it was not promoted correctly, or maybe it is just hidden under a huge pile of other great offers?

This is all true, but we all tend to forget that the Internet lead by search engines like Google is now more and more local and relevant, which bring us to the new business formula that creates almost an equal opportunity for local small businesses to compete on business with the large corporations, all at a very small monthly budget.

If you are able to correctly identify your local audiences, what they are looking for, what motivates them to take action, where do they go online, what do they search for and how do they search, also questions like how long it takes for your prospect to make a decision, is it on the fly decision or is this something that cooks over time?

After you have taken the time to learn about your customer, take even more time to research the volume of searches done each month in your area, is there enough to build a business on, can you compete with the other businesses, what makes you better, and are those searches competitive and if they are can you afford to invest the fund needed to bring your offering higher in front of those prospects with possibly other tools like Pay Per Click.

Patience is a critical issue, can you wait for 3-6 month to let your site propagate with organic search?

I am always asked why do I skip the part with the web designer who builds my site? The answer is simple, when you are in the market to capture leads, you need a marketing firm or specialist to design your site and not a graphic designer, it is a totally different business and many times a graphic web designer will reject the lead capture site as not attractive and overloaded with information .

The process of building a lead capture site and getting the traffic on the site to convert to leads and sales is a long process that takes at least 4-6 month and requires some funding towards web design and marketing. I suggest that if those words scare you, maybe this is not what you want to do and you should explore other options. However for those who can see a strategy and will not stop or give up when it gets competitive we say – this is your market and the time to shine!

Elizabeth Page from Affordable Web Design Canada wrote dozens of articles and delivered equal number of lectures and webinars about lead capture web design in Canada and USA and her articles are published in magazines and online publications and blogs.