Is your SEO company in touch with reality? are you getting leads or bills?

What do you do when you’re in trouble you call in the experts by Elizabeth Page

Vancouver, BC July, 2013

I don’t consider the many customers who deal with companies that claim to know what search algorithms are, many experience a long and frustrating relationship with their SEO company who keeps telling them how long it will take to rank their keywords with their SEO plan but fail to deliver any kind of business leads…isn’t that what SEO is all about?

affordable seo business leads vancouverHere is a precautionary tale about a guy who decided to set up his own website on Word Press.  His previous blog site was on Google’s blogger.  His page views had started to soar, because his content was so good and he had obviously done a pretty good job on the SEO, all by himself, without the help of the experts.  This gave him great confidence in his own abilities to take the next big step.  Being the kind of clever fellow, he considered himself to be, he decided to research the net, to gather all the expertise, he needed, to move his site from Blogger to Word Press.

After weeks of trawling and crawling through what the so called experts say on-line, he was ready to set up his own site on Word Press.  He gave his credit card number to the hosting company, and Hey Presto, he had a brand new site within minutes.  Off he set about linking it all up to his old blogger site.  He did this link and that link, copied this name and that name, inserted this key word and that key word, in this place and that place, all the while, following the expert advice, on the SEO that needed to be done, for his new site.  It all went pretty well, or so it seemed, to our gifted amateur.  After fifty to sixty hours or maybe even more, of exhaustive work, our gifted non web expert, was able to sit back and watch his page views multiply by the thousand.

But it was not to be.  “Okay”, he thought in frustration, after a week of only one single page view, which his wife admitted under interrogation, to having caused.  She clicked on his site, she told him, because she wanted to cheer him up.  And where were these robots that were supposed, to seek his site, and find millions of viewers to visit it?

He had messed up big time.  All his previous page viewers on Blogger, could no longer find his ingenious posts.  Were they forever lost in space searching for him?  He had tried to save himself a few bucks.  But it had all backfired.  For all the steps, he had taken forward in blogger, he was now strides behind, and he had lost his web posse.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.  I should have called in the experts,” he said to his wife, when she accosted him on his stupidity.  “Your time, your money down the drain and all because, you thought you were smart enough, to beat the experts,” she said, scornfully to him.

Expertise comes at a price.  But there’s a reason for that.  It’s simple supply and demand.  We are not all experts.  If we were, of course expertise would come cheaply.  An expert has an in-depth knowledge of something or some process.  They have spent years learning their trade, so to speak.

We, gifted amateurs, though we are, have sometimes to face the fact that it’s cheaper and better in the long run, to pay the experts for their expertise.

That is why the benefits of going to a professional website designer when you want to launch a new site, far outweigh the disadvantages.  A website is like a car.  It needs regular servicing.  Take the stress and worry away.  Leave the job to the professionals.

Online business set-up is a multifaceted maze.  There’s the graphic design; the SEO settings; shopping carts if you sell a product or service; on line marketing strategy; security, firewalls, anti-virus and so on.  The list is endless.  And even when it’s set up and running; it’s not over.  A site has to be monitored, updated and serviced regularly, if it is to remain effective.

Your website set up and all its requirements, from graphic design, to hosting, to marketing to SEO, to servicing and monitoring and beyond, can be done in very attractively priced packages.

Go on.  Kick off your shoes.  Grab a cold beer or a glass of wine.  Sit back.  Relax.  Let the experts look after your on-line presence; while you take care of yourself and your business.