This is how you can self generate local leads to your business in Canada

Are you asking yourself every day if there is a better way to generate leads? are you buying your leads elsewhere and want to start self generating those valuable and sometimes expensive leads? what makes one site better than another and why your site does not generate leads while the competition barely ever spends on flyer distribution and magazine adverting yet always busy with new customers?

There could be many answers to those questions, however when it comes to generating local leads with the tools of the Internet, you need to consider a number of factors:

1. Are people likely to go on Google when searching for your services?

2. What is the most important intensive for people to take an action?

3. Are there volumes of people locally searching for your services?

4. How dense is the competition?

5. Do you have the time and patience required to self generate leads?

Our methodology is based on search volumes and search behavior, we look at the way people search when looking for your type of services not only the search phrases, and profile all that information to no more than 10 search phrases that we mostly use to rank your local self lead generating site for. Doing so, we will more likely get in front of those local prospects and will provide them with exactly what they are looking for at the first page they land on, we will script write the questions they are debating with when trying to make a decision and offer them reasonable assumptions and testimonials or case studies that they can relate with.

Honesty is also very important ingredient in this recipe, we explain to people who the business is and why it makes sense to offer them this promotional package so that they trust your brand.

We also use video to show the business, the owner or operators or explain the service, people trust videos more than they trust words and by using videos within your site we are able to increase the conversion by over 70%.

Search engines find it more and more difficult to trust a site that is providing too many unrelated services, it is therefore vital to the success of your lead generating site that you target a specific niche market, specific geography and more important make your offer clear and do not mix different services. Choosing the right service to promote can be a hard decision to make, but really just think of which of your services has the highest demand and that would be a great starting point for you.

With time you will return to make other services available through the AWD system, tracking with Analytics is one more way to record the growth in traffic and conversion. In a world where nothing is free, we highly recommend a combination of organic and paid Internet marketing services to get your new site ranked on top of the search and bring good traffic on it to ensure good conversions.

Not sure if this is for you or not? contact us today and let us help you!