Google quality fix – good or bad for small businesses?

A few days ago and not for the first time a small business owner in Vancouver called me concerned about his business web site potentially being penalized by Google Penguin because he can’t see himself for keywords he used to rank for, the phone doesn’t ring as much and an SEO company told him he is likely penalized and they can help him get back on positions for an amount he was not able to pay…Brian, help me! he said.

The first thing I did was to search on Google for the company name and found him no problems, already I did not believe David had any Penguin penalties but that was just a quick indication.

What I was looking at next was the number of positions David has for his business in Vancouver, and that, although dropped somewhat, did not dramatically change. It seems like David’s site is ranking lower just because David failed to do either one of the two:

1. Update his site more frequently which he can do anytime even now.

2. Use paid tools like Pay Per Click to bring immediate traffic on his site till he is back on positions.

Many small business owners also use multiple sites with duplicated content that will no longer rank, and that can easily be tested using free tools like If you are a small or medium size business owner and you have reasons to believe your site may have dropped since April or May, try those two options, search for the company name on Google and if it shows, test your pages on All good? contact me or Elizabeth Page and we will look into this for you.

Brian Miller.