Generating leads for local businesses in Canada

Canadians use more Internet as % of the population than any other country in America, moreover Canadians are more likely to be influenced by a well designed website if it is relevant, localized to their own location for example Vancouver, BC and if the site is fast to load, simple to look at and provides good reasons to take actions.

Affordable Web Design Canada specializes in creating sites to perform well online while keeping the cost of developing the site low and affordable.

How many times did you receive in your email a message that in as short time as a month you can build an income that will give you the financial Independence you need doing almost nothing? did they also attach a copy of their banking statement showing large deposits? looks believable? reliable? well as much as we want to believe those emails and likely we all tried them one time or another, it didn’t do much for us, if anything maybe to the generous person who cares so much about our financial future and took all that time to write an eBook, web site, often a video and offers all his experience and knowledge for …wait…not $999…not $499…not even $199…when you sign before the clock hits midnight you pay only $24…wow…sounds like the opportunity we have all been waiting for and so affordable only today!

Reality check, we still keep our day job and that could very much be our indications that we do not believe in magic to pay our mortgages. Instead my article here is not to show you a magical way to make big money fast to pay for your dream house, car and endless vacation somewhere exotic, no, I am writing to share with you how to generate local leads for your business, how it works, what to look for and simple yet practical techniques in conversion.

In the many years we have been working with the Internet, the one obvious thing we have learned and implemented in all of our projects is the fact that every day more and more people, in different age groups, are searching online for services and products they want to purchase and about half of the search is in fact local search.

This comes to tell us that if your business is local and mainly feeds itself with customers that are local to the business you need and want to read my article and learn how to get on board with the many successful, yet everyday people who took the idea further and began generating local leads for their business. I don’t know a single customer that became rich from local search but I do know a good number that found this to be the most affordable and productive way to bring new sales to their business.

Let me share a quick story here with you, 4 years ago I met with a customer who offers auto services in and around Vancouver area. He was advertising on local magazines and newspapers, he also did a few flyer distributions, he had a nice website and a guy was looking after his Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) with Google. He was and still is a hard working man, but one thing changed for him 4 years ago, I showed him what people in proximity to his business location are searching for that can be very relevant for his business, the monthly trends of their search and volumes. He came to realize that he can create very attractive service packages and bring them exclusively online in front of a not too small number of people who are looking for those type of deals.

The result was fast, after less than 4 month of work he began receiving calls from local people, well informed with his packages and prices and that are pre-qualified. All he needed to do is close them and that he always did very well.

The lesson to be learned here is that you do not need to be a genius, and you do not need to be running a multimillion dollars company in order to take advantage of search. You do need however to well understand why people go on search, when and what makes people choose one business over another. You need to have some capital for advertising and you need to have a bit of patience.

If that sounds like you, please continue reading my articles about generating leads from search.

Brian Miller, AWD Canada