What your clients expect about website ranking?

Web marketers face tremendous pressure from the clients about website ranking. Sometimes the expectations are realistic. Webmasters strive hard to meet them up to the most extent. However, in a few cases it is not possible to achieve the desired results.

Three types of expectations top the list:

1.       Ranking:  Clients want their website to be on the first page of the search listing.
2.       Growth of business: Clients expect to see significant growth in the business figures.
3.       Involvement of the clients: Clients want involvement in the website marketing tools.

Sometimes web marketers find the expectations of clients impractical and hard to achieve.  In reality, clients keep undue expectations based on the rosy picture drawn by the web marketers. They are told about inflated capabilities of SEO in order to capture the business. The gap between the client’s expectations and results shown by SEO efforts widens and the problem begins.

website rankings and SEO

How to overcome the problem?

Well, there are fair chances of bridging the gap if the web marketers and clients work together and set expectations based on reality.

A.      Increase the involvement of the client: Sometimes webmasters do not feel the need of involving the clients while defining web marketing strategy. It is not a right approach. Non involvement of the client results in communication gap.
B.      Discuss the facts and figures in the beginning: It is important that you discuss the facts and figures in the first meeting itself. They are not buying website ranking by hiring you. Website ranking has to be raised higher in the systematic manner. Clients should be told that higher ranking may denote better web presence, but it doesn’t get translated in hard sales figures always. Sales performance depends on the performance of sales team.
C.       Set the web ranking goals: Ask the client about their priority. Do they need more business or just number 1 ranking in the search engine. It is sure that clients are interested in business, not website ranking. Tell him the realistic improvement in the ranking after SEO efforts. Explain the technical aspects of it and win their confidence.
D.      Define clear timelines:  Discuss with the client and define achievable timelines before you sign the contract. Break down the things as much as possible. Outline the delivery part and major milestones.
E.       Define web marketing campaign based on the client’s goals:   Web marketing campaign should be in line with the goals of the client. Understand the business needs and design plans accordingly. Budget, timelines and resource requirement are the critical factors.
F.       Define the scope clearly: You need to understand that there is limited scope of a SEO expert as far as defining strategy is concerned. SEO expert can recommend the improvements, but it is the client’s responsibility to implement the suggestions.

Bridge the gap between expectations and achievements by taking care of the above-mentioned factors. Keep a record of each communication and produce if it is necessary. It will help in case of doubt or confusion.

Written by Brian Miller, AWDCA Vancouver. Brian Miller writes for Affordable Web Design Canada about Internet marketing trends and services and is recognized for his contribution to SEO and SEM online forums and publications.