Can a Web site bring sales for my business?

Can a Web site really bring business to my business? I hear this question from new customers all the time, the main concern is not really the time and money they are asked to invest in building the website and getting the traffic and leads, it is a more simple question really – is that even possible?

Yes! it is possible but in order to target traffic, we first need to research and find it. This is why we always start each project with a careful and very detailed research for local search volumes, volumes of people who search specifically for the kind of service or products your business is offering and to make sure conversion can take place, it needs to have direct relevance, in other words, if we bring that traffic on a page we create, will the information on your page be used as an answer to the question in the customer search online.

To give some examples:

If a person is searching on Google for “affordable web design for small business in Vancouver and Calgary” and finds our web site homepage with information about our recent promotion the $399 all-inclusive, and given that the industry we compete in is typically higher by 3-4 times at least, we can assume a good conversion.

Another example, a person is looking for “limo to airport in Vancouver” and finds a limo company in Vancouver, page includes pricing options to local airports, a lead form, telephone 24/7 and guarantee to be on-time, clean limo, full tank and WIFI access to allow you to check your flight details in the limo, we can now assume conversion.

And this is what leads capture is about. But how do we get traffic on the site? well, for that we need to understand how search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing work, what they consider relevant and why sites go up or down in ranking. The main thing we need to achieve in order to bring traffic from search is relevancy, low bounce rate, indexing of correct search phrases and up to date content on side. The average user looking to generate leads from search will need to invest in both organic Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Paid Advertising like AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) in order to get indexed and ranked.

Running both those services with your Search Engines Marketing (SEM) company is often expensive and may be the reason why you choose one service over another, it is like taking your car for oil change but due to cost, replacing the oil but not the filters. At Affordable Web Design Canada (AWD) we believe in results, for that we have created pricing packages that anyone can afford and see results from. Our business is getting you business and this is what we do best.

Your business can get new customers today from search engines, it is more affordable than ever before.


Brian Miller.