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With many years of experience in search engines marketing, creative advertising and web design, AWD is your one stop shop for all your business needs.


My name is Elizabeth Page, I am one of the 3 partners at AWD and my background is in search engines marketing. My job is to correctly target your business online in order for you to go in front of the largest, yet most accessible audience in your area. This is the first step in successfully capturing leads online from search engines.

I look forward to research your industry for you.

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Great customer service, unique creative designs and the experience to know what works and what trends today online, that is what I bring to AWD. My name is Catherine Davies and I am excited to show you how your site can convert better than your competition.

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brian miller


Brian Miller is an authority in web development for search engines and other than his extensive knowledge in web development platforms and plugins, he is also recognized for his in depth studies of search engines compliance. Brian looks after the web development and always takes the extra time to best optimize the site code for your search marketing objectives. Brian work ranks very fast and many times out performs the work of SEO companies within the first 3-4 month.

For a good advice and professional work contact Brian at