Are you looking for an affordable web site design in Canada?
Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars without knowing that your site will perform for your business. Simply switch the AWD, our prices are the lowest in Canada.

Would you like to self manage the content of your site and not be dependent on your web design company?
Great thinking, although we offer affordable web maintenance with all sites we work on, you may choose to manage the site yourself.

Do you want a site that can rank well with search engines?
Our work is designed to rank well in your local industry, why else would you choose to develop a business website.

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Do you need a blog with your new site?
There are so many advantages to having a blog on your site, this is why we make the decision simple. All sites we develop include a free installation of a blog.

Are you looking to build a lead generation site?
Now, this is really important, if you said yes, you came to the right place, if you “just need a site”, we may not be the right choice for you.

Are you a small business wanting to better reach your local audiences?

With the Canadian economy changing towards more small businesses, many people now find themselves looking to start selling products and services locally while competing for a small percentage of the overall sales of the large retailers. The advantage is simple, win the local competition, it is much more feasible and a small percentage can be a great start for your new business.



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Affordable Web Design Canada (AWDCA)
W 12 AVE, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 1 (530) 660-8529


UNiQO Web Design Canada
Thonrhill, Ontario
Tel: (289) 588-3298


Web Design Specials for Jan-Mar 2016

web site designTheme based WordPress Responsive web site design including licenses, SEO, security components, 5-7 pages, no ecommerce.

$1,150 CAD

web site designbased WordPress Responsive web site design including licenses + ecommerce, SEO, security components, 5-7 pages.

$1,550 CAD
web site designHTML5 Responsive landing page SEO optimized with basic design.

$600 CAD

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News & Articles

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Small business can win the local competition

Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2015

Our Canadian economy is always changing, more small business owners are coming to the market everyday. The oil situation in Alberta is one of many examples for an industry slowing down while sending many talented people to start their own small businesses. We all want...

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What can webmasters do about keyword specific search in the “not provided” era?

Posted by admin on Nov 24, 2015

There has been recent news that has drawn a big question mark on the future of online marketing. According to Google, the organic search activity will be encrypted. It means that analytics programs will not be able to derive what terms are most searched on the web....

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What your clients expect about website ranking?

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2015

Web marketers face tremendous pressure from the clients about website ranking. Sometimes the expectations are realistic. Webmasters strive hard to meet them up to the most extent. However, in a few cases it is not possible to achieve the desired results. Three types of...

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